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Fair Use Policy

This policy was last updated on 4th January 2024.
This policy outlines what you can and cannot run on PlutoNode Services.

1. Laws

[1.1] You cannot use a PlutoNode service in any way that violates any section of UK or International law.

[1.2] We reserve the right to suspend / terminate any service(s) found in violation of this.

2. Content

[2.1] You cannot host any x-rated content on our servers, this also applies to redirecting to xxx services and systems.

[2.2] All information hosted on PlutoNode systems must be deemed accurate (when stating facts) and must comply with all applicated laws.

[2.3] Material hosted on PlutoNode systems must not be obscene, offensive or inflammatory. This includes defamation of any person or legal entity.

[2.4] Material must not contain any adult content with the exception of conntent hosted on .XXX domains. All Adult Content (including pornography) must not violate any of the IFFOR policies. These policies relate to the prevention against child sexual exploitation.

[2.5] Material must not infringe copyright, be likely to deceive any person (misinformation), promote or assist illegal activities or be threatening or abusive.

[2.6] You must ensure that any end-user submitted content such as forum posts or chat room entries meet with the standards defined within this Policy.

3. Use of Services

[3.1] PlutoNode offers unlimited web space and bandwidth with some account types. By this, we mean unlimited space for legitimate web site content and bandwidth for visitors to view it. All files on a domain must be part of the active website and linked to the site.

[3.2] PlutoNode offer large numbers of mailboxes with some account types subject to a fair use policy. Mailboxes are intended for direct use by the service owner and should not be resold or offered for use by third parties.

[3.3] PlutoNode will automatically generate an invoice in respect of the next period at the end of the current period unless You have cancelled Your services.

[3.4] PlutoNode reserves the right to delete mailboxes (including contents) that are deemed inactive, i.e. have not been accessed within the last 180 days.

[3.5] Mining of cryptocurrencies on any Dedicated Server plans is strictly prohibited. If you violate this, we reserve the right to terminate your service and charge a £100 fee.

4. Enforcement of This Policy

[4.1] We will determine, in our discretion, whether there has been a breach of this policy through Your use of PlutoNode Services. When a breach of this policy has occurred, we may take action deemed appropriate by us.

[4.2] Such actions may include service suspension, a warning being issued, service termination, issue of legal proceedings against You, or disclosure of information to law enforcement authorities.

[4.3] We exclude liability for actions taken in response to breaches of this policy. The responses described in this policy are not limited, and we may take any other action we reasonably deem appropriate.

[4.4] PlutoNode has a Police Liaison function and we are committed to assisting, and cooperating with, all law enforcement and government agencies in helping to reduce Internet Crime.

Please send any legal enquiries to [email protected].
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